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Kurta Sets for Women

A timeless garment that is resplendent in both elegance and simplicity, the kurta, also known as the kurti, is a popular choice for women across India. Whether you’re looking for comfortable and breezy daily wear or something fancy to wear to parties and ethnic functions, there’s a kurta out there for you. Kurta sets for ladies have been a very popular choice of clothing in India, no matter what region you’re staying in. The versatility and the popularity of kurta sets also transcends Indian borders, and it has become a well-recognized piece of clothing even in foreign countries.

The kurta is a long top, and comes in many variations of length. Just one look at kurta sets for women online will reveal a dazzling variety to choose from. While some kurtas can reach well past your knees, there are many styles available, thanks to evolving fashion. This garment has moved ahead with time, and is a great choice for all sorts of walks of life. Kurta sets for ladies can come in formal styles that they can comfortably wear to their offices, or the more elaborate designs that feature at many parties. The comfort level of wearing a kurta is what makes it appealing to many women. This versatile top pairs well with a churidaar, sharara, or even jeans depending on the look you’re going for. Kurta suit sets online India are sold to help you pick out a complete outfit in one go. Also, check out our store at Instagram.

You may choose to look for
women kurta sets online if you want to take advantage of the variety of styles and designs available. Kurtas and kurta sets have been around for a long time. If you’re wondering about where these garments originated from, wonder no more.

History of Women Kurtas

Kurtis that women wear today have been around for quite a while, and the styles we see today have evolved from clothing that was worn in the bygone eras. Kurta sets for women online come in many diverse styles, and they all originated kurtas that were typically worn by men. It is commonly accepted that the kurta, in turn, originated from the tunics of the Shunga era in North India. The Shunga era was around 2nd century B.C., making the tunics very old indeed.

While it originated in Northern India, the kurtas eventually became popular throughout the country. Initially, only the men wore these tunics, but it became popular among women too, giving us the term “kurti” which is typically used for women’s kurtas.

Kurtas saw a popularity surge and rise in the 19th century, taking on the form that is more similar to the online kurta sets for women that we see these day. This rise in popularity was due to artists, scholars and musicians of that era donning this tunic and showing a preference for this comfortable style of clothing. Although, unlike the elaborate embroidery, lacework, and trimmings we see in today’s kurta sets for ladies, the tunics worn during this era were rather simple.

These tunics were usually made of cotton, and were simple in design. For special occasions, and for those of higher social standing, the kurtas were made out of richer fabrics, such as silk. These day, you can find kurtas made of almost any material if you search for kurta sets for women online.

The global reach of the kurta was probably prompted by the hippie movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s, which focused towards adopting a relaxed lifestyle. The people that were a part of this movement undoubtedly loved the breezy and comfortable feel that came along with wearing the kurtas.

Types Of Women Kurtas

There are many ways to pair up a kurta, and looking for women’s kurta sets online can be a little confusing if you do not know which style will suit you the best. That’s why, it’s good to know what types of kurtas are available on the market, and what will suit you the best. These are some of the most popular styles of kurtas that you should know about.

A-line Women Kurta

This classic style is preferred by women of all ages due to its versatility when it comes to both the look and the way you can style it. Kurta sets for women online will usually list the style, and this is one that you should be looking for. This kurta style has a flare from the waist onwards, and can be of a variety of lengths, though mostly they’re calf length kurtas. There are typically styled with either jeans or churidars, to accentuate the shape of the kurti. You will find that several online kurta sets for women come in this style due to its appeal.

Tail Cut Ladies Kurta 

If you’re looking for a modern look when shopping for kurta suit sets online in India, the tail cut kurta is definitely one that you should be looking for. Similar to an asymmetrical kurta, the hem of this kurta varies in length. While it is a little shorter at the front, the hemline is lower towards the back, giving it the “tail” that gives this look its name. This type of kurta is suitable for either special occasions or casual outings, depending on the style and amount of detailing. The free flowing and modern silhouette makes it a popular choice among the youth when they look at kurta sets for women online. Pair this kurta with leggings, jeggings or jeans to embrace the youthful look.

Anarkali Ladies Kurta

Are you looking for kurta sets for women online and need something that looks traditional and fancy? Look no further than the Anarkali kurta. Named after the character played by Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam, this type of kurta oozes the same charm and traditional elegance as Anarkali from the movie. The classic silhouette of the kurta hugging the body to the waist, and then flaring out to create a graceful look has become iconic.

While this kurta style shines on special occasions and weddings, there are also simpler versions available to suit casual outing and even work as formal wear. One only need to search for the best women kurta set online, and will see that this is a popular pick. It suits all body styles and women of all ages, and is usually paired with leggings. In the recent times, however, it is also paired with jeans and jeggings, especially when a more casual style is adopted.

Flared Women Kurta

While this variation can sometimes become confused with the Anarkali kurta, there are key differences in the shape and the way they are styled. This kurta also has a flare at the bottom, but does not hug the figure at all. When looking for kurta suit sets online in India, this is one of the choices you should take a look at. This loose style looks amazing and effortless on the tall and slim body types, and is usually styled much more casually than the Anarkali kurta.

Additionally, while the Anarkali kurtas will be styled with heavy ethnic jewelry, this type of kurta is styled with lighter chains and earrings, giving it a classy and minimalistic look. This is a style of kurta that is also best suited for a casual outing, or a semi-formal occasion. There is a variation of the flared kurta, known as the Empire Wait kurta, that can be worn to formal occasions as well. All in all, this versatile style is worth looking at when you’re searching for online kurta set for women.

Angrakha Ladies Kurta

If you’re looking for a woman kurta set online that stands out from the rest, the Angrakha kurta is one that you should be looking at. This kurta style takes inspiration from the clothing worn by royal court musicians during the days of Mughal rule. This clothing was worn like a jacket, and the kurta consists of two flaps, where one goes over the other, and is secured to one side of the waist with a rope or dori.

This style of kurta is great casual or party wear, depending on how you style it. While it is worn with churidars and leggings for a more casual look, it can also be worn with palazzos or skirts for a more unique approach to the outfit. This is one of the styles that will definitely stand out when you’re looking at kurta sets for ladies. Oxidized jewelry and dangle earrings will help complete the look when rocking this kurta, and precious metal jewelry can also be worn for occasions like weddings.


While most kurta suit sets online in India are in the traditional style, this kurta is a fresh and unique take on the traditional tunic. This is another style that is popular among the youth. While the origin of the word “kurta” means collarless tunic, this style of kurtas often features a collar and a modern look that can be worn to formal parties and the office, as well as styled to work in casual environments.

This fusion of Indian and western style of clothing is increasing in demand among the youth looking for women kurta set online. This kurta is usually paired with leggings, jeggings and jeans. Most people keep it simple when styling this kurta, wearing it with stud type earrings, ear cuffs, and watches. Style it in a way you would typically style a shirt, and you’re good to go with this modern take on kurtas. Not a lot of online kurta set for women come in this style, but it is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for office wear that’s comfortable and professional looking.

Long Straight Women Kurta

If you want an evergreen pick when searching for kurta sets for women online, the long straight kurta is a must-pick. This style of kurta looks great on all body types, and suits women of all ages. Not a lot of kurta sets for ladies are this versatile, and you definitely need one in your closet.

This style of kurta is suitable for all sorts of occasions. You can style it with flats or sandals, and low key jewelry for a casual occasion, or opt for a classier design to wear it to your office or other formal occasions. You can throw on this kurta and instantly look stylish, pairing it with the appropriate leggings and churidars. For a look that’s different from the typical trends of kurta suit sets online India, pair this with palazzos or a skirt.

Front Slit Ladies Kurta

This is another unique style of kurta that’s been a hot trend among the fashionable women looking for women kurta set online. There are many variations of the front slit kurtas. Some of them are Anarkalis with a front slit that adds a unique feel to the traditional kurta, and other Indo-western styles that embrace being different and are likely to leave a lasting impression. Many of these types of front slit kurtas can be available as online kurta set for women.

Pairing this type of kurta with jeans and jeggings, along with modern accessories like hoop earrings and statement bangles will give a true fusion look to your outfit. If you’re going for a more traditional style, show off your stylish churidars or leggings, and don’t forget the oxidized ethnic jewelry. It’s one of the trendiest online kurta set for women currently available.

Additional Tips for Kurta Set for Ladies:

There are many ways to style a kurti, and looking for kurta sets for women online is a great place to start out if you’re looking for comfortable, ethnic outfits. Always make sure to pick a style that compliments your body type – while certain styles like the front slit kurta suit curvier women, there are certain styles like the overlay kurtis that are a better fit for petite women.

Additionally, some styles of kurta will call for certain jewelry and footwear choices. Also consider the occasion when you’re shopping for women kurta sets online. Some kurtas are colorful and loud, suited for parties and festive occasions, while other muted and casual looks will suit an outing with friends. Formal wear also needs to be selected and styled appropriately, although it will be the most comfortable formal wear you’ll find. Kurta sets for ladies are a timeless outfit choice, and are definitely worth investing in to diversify and spice up your wardrobe.

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