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Women Lehengas Online

A gorgeous garment shimmering with beautiful designs, the lehenga is an elegant choice of clothing for your traditional attire needs. This long skirt that falls gracefully to the ankles, the lehenga is a popular and evergreen choice for many women in India. There is a dazzling variety of styles available that can allow you to style the lehenga in a way that fits you best. Buying women’s lehenga online in India is now easier than ever, so don’t hesitate to add this beautiful garment to your wardrobe.

The lehenga is typically worn as a part of a three-piece attire: the lehenga, the choli and the dupatta. All of these lehenga sets are easy to buy online at Idaho. The lehenga is the star of the outfit, with many intricate designs and eye-catching details that show off your sense of style. This skirt is worn below the navel, flaring as it falls down to the ankles.

The choli is a blouse that typically is worn over a lehenga. This is what gives the ensemble the popularly known name of “lehenga choli” or “Ghagara choli”. This blouse is cut above the navel, exposing the midriff. It also features short sleeves, making it perfect for the hot weather that is prominent in several parts of India. This blouse is fit close to the body, and can also feature gorgeous designs at the neckline to match the lehenga. If you buy women lehenga online, you will typically be able to obtain a matching choli with it.

The third part of this outfit is the dupatta, which is a piece of cloth made to complement the lehenga and the choli. Ethnic lehengas for women online will sometimes offer the cloth for dupatta as well, helping you complete the ensemble. There are several ways to drape the dupatta, which can allow you to add your personal touch to the outfit. The dupatta can be styled in a way to cover the midriff, and even cover the head, depending on the occasion and the wearer’s personal preference. It is similar to the pallu of a saree. Lehengas for wedding online will offer colourful matching sets with intricate work, and good quality ethnic clothing is available online if you look at reliable sources. Check out our store at Instagram.

History of Lehengas:

The lehenga started seeing a rise in popularity during the 10th Century, during the arrival of Mughals to India. Mughal women wore a three-piece outfit that was inspired by their Persian roots. This outfit was similar to the modern-day kurta pajama, with a pajama, peshwaj, and a dupatta. The lehenga evolved from there, with the Rajputs adding their own personal touch to it during the 12th century. The lehenga choli remained popular from the 12th century to the 18th century, after which the Mughal population in India started seeing a decline.

However, the prominence of the Mughal empire in North India saw the lehenga choli become a staple outfit in the region, even after the Mughals left the country. Social and economic class dictated the fabric and work on the lehenga worn by the women. While the original form of lehenga was stitched from cotton, the upper classes often wore lehengas crafted from finer, richer fabrics such as silk and velvet. If you choose to buy latest lehenga online for women, you can also pick one in such rich fabrics.

Later, each region saw its own influence on the lehenga choli, and how it was worn. The Gujrati style of lehenga choli incorporated tiny mirrors sewn into the fabric, as well as bright and colourful patchwork. Rajasthani lehengas often feature bold patterns and iconic gotta-patti work. This regional influence brought a unique look to lehengas from each region, and most modern lehenga choli styles also evolved from these regional takes on the initial style of the lehenga choli. Good ethnic lehengas for women online will usually adopt one of these styles, letting you choose what style you want.

The lehenga choli saw a decline in popularity during the freedom fight in India, as a significant number of women opted to wear Sarees during the freedom struggle. Lehenga choli then became more common among the rural populations. However, in the 1990s this gorgeous garment made a comeback.


The Revival of Lehengas:

Featured in several Bollywood productions, the lehenga once again rose to popularity. The large production movies showed off beautifully embroidered lehengas in vibrant wedding scenes, and the lehenga choli became synonymous with weddings and other auspicious occasions. This mainstream revival eventually leads to the lehenga becoming a common sight at many festive occasions, and also to the outfit becoming popular outside India as well. Lehengas for wedding online will let you pick styles that can replicate the feel of these Bollywood movies.

After their Bollywood debut, the lehenga choli also featured on the fashion runaway of India, moving from the traditional style to more experimental designs and cuts. As such, today there is a wide variety to choose from, no matter the body type or the personal tastes of a woman. You can buy the latest lehengas online for women and show off your sense of style in these experimental lehengas.

Lehengas feature intricate embroidery and designs and can take twenty days to sew, even more, if you are looking for a custom lehenga that is made by hand. Oftentimes, in communities involved in making lehengas, specific work is delegated to each member of the community, streamlining the work process and providing exceptional quality. There are a variety of options available while buying a lehenga online, from getting a custom stitched lehenga to buying a semi-stitched or readymade option that can be tailored to fit you perfectly.

Types of Lehengas and How to Style them:

The a-line lehenga is one of the most popular styles, cinched at the waist, which then widens at the bottom. This style of lehenga looks amazing and can be worn in a number of ways, wither opting for a more traditional look, or going for something more contemporary. This lehenga is ideal for giving a traditional yet contemporary look and works to accentuate your waistline. Buy this lehenga online if you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, for this style would suit you well. Tall women can also pull this style off effortlessly, the silhouette complimenting the natural figure.

The straight cut lehenga is a style that is widely preferred, due to its versatility. This cut features no flare, and suits women of almost any body type, drawing attention to any feature you wish to accentuate with jewellery and embroidery. The straight cut lehenga is typically worn with the classic choli, and can even be worn with designer crop tops for a modern and outstanding look. This lehenga is good for anyone who doesn’t prefer flares and pleats, opting for a more minimalistic yet elegant look.

The classic gher, or the broad flared lehenga, is the ideal choice for the woman who loves volume and fluffiness in their lehenga. This lehenga can make one truly feel like royalty, with the movement and bounce added to their step through the lehenga. A number of lehengas for wedding online are sold in this style. The gher lehenga can be worn in a variety of colours, from muted colours for a modern look, to rich, deep hues for a more traditional approach. This lehenga will suit almost all body types and is a good fit for the special occasions where you want to draw attention.

If you’re looking for a lehenga that will show off your curves, the mermaid lehenga might be the ideal pick for you. This style of lehenga hugs the hips and the waist then flares out at the hemline. This modern twist on the traditional lehenga design is also called the fishtail lehenga, and bring a distinctive look to your lehenga choli ensemble. This modern take can be styled any way you want, with a halter crop top being a popular choice to complete the look. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you can buy latest women lehenga online in this style.

For those women seeking a twist on the traditional lehenga choli outfit, the Sharara lehenga might be the choice for you. While it is not strictly a lehenga, because it is sewn from the middle much like a plazzo is, the flare of the halves gives it the same look. This is another good option for a versatile look, and it suits many body types. The Sharara lehenga can be the best pick for you if you’re looking for a pick that is elegant and sleek. Typically worn with a long kurta or an Anarkali, the Sharara lehenga is a statement outfit that can be as understated or as fancy as you want.

Another style of lehenga that offers a great amount of volume with a distinctive look that’s sure to draw attention and give you a unique look is the Kalidar lehenga. Also known as the panelled lehenga, this style gives you a beautiful and distinctive look that’s memorable and appealing. The Kalis are the vertical panels that are added to the bottom of the lehenga to give it that signature look and extra flare. Ethnic lehengas for women online will be available in this style. This cut suits petite women especially well, and the contrast added by the panels is sure to enchant.

Lehangas for Wedding:

The saree style lehenga is one pick that must be considered if you’re looking for the best of both worlds scenario. This is a lehenga choli combo where the dupatta is styled in a way that gives the illusion of a saree. This style of lehenga choli combines the traditional and appealing look of a saree, with the ease of wearing a lehenga choli. Traditionally styled blouses that expose the midriff are the best to go with this style of lehenga and are the ideal pick for the big functions like weddings. If you’re looking for lehengas for weddings online, this is a style that you should consider.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to style your lehenga, you could consider adding a jacket to it. The jacket lehenga style has much in common with most styles of lehenga choli, except you replace the dupatta with a specially made jacket. This jacket can add an extra layer of style to your typical lehenga choli, and frees up your hands from having to handle the traditionally worn dupatta. The jacket will typically feature heavy embroidery and work, making a statement. This is definitely a look to go for if you’re looking for a distinct way to style your lehenga, and the modern look is certain to appeal to the sassy and off-beat individuals.

Additionally, if you’re looking for volume and comfort in your lehenga, a mesh lehenga will certainly suit your tastes. This type of lehenga is light and fluffy, making it manageable, as well as giving it the desired flared appearance. This lehenga comes in many styles, from heavily embroidered to lighter works that be worn on more casual occasions. This versatility makes it a good choice to look for when buying lehengas online. This style especially suits petite women, adding curves to their silhouette and giving a fancy appearance.

Another thing that’s very important to consider when looking for lehengas is the fabric. Certain lehenga styles will inevitably lend themselves to fabric restrictions, such as the mesh lehenga, which is typically made from light, breathable materials. Not only does the style of your lehenga dictate what materials you will be working with, but the ideal fabric may also help you pick the right style of lehenga. While picking the right women lehenga online can be tough, deciding on a fabric for the lehenga may help inform your choice.

Lehengas and Fabrics:

The fabric of the lehenga can be a very important factor, especially when you take the weather into consideration. Certain fabrics can perform poorly in certain weather conditions, and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable during a festive occasion due to the material of your clothing.

During spring or summer, lighter fabrics will help you stay light on your feet and stay comfortable. Lighter materials such as cotton and georgette will be an ideal pick for this weather. There are many fancy options available for lehengas made of this fabric, and they look excellent while keeping you comfortable.

If you’re expecting cold climate, heavier fabrics like velvet and brocade can help you look fancy and stay warm. These materials also lend a rich and royal look, even with lighter embroidery, so getting these in a rich, deep colour like indigo and maroon will give you the best look while staying warm. Layers of cancan under the lehenga can also help you keep warm and achieve a beautiful, royal look on the special occasion.

If you’re expecting humid climates and rain, avoiding heavier fabrics will help you to stay comfortable and not get bogged down the moisture in the air or any rainfall. Lighter fabrics like crepe and chiffon can do wonders and can be styled up with intricate work without adding much weight to the lehenga so you can stay comfortable all day. If you’re looking for volume, adding layers of cotton under the lehenga can work wonders.

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