Why You Never See fashion That Actually Works

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry that pushes boundaries, experiments with bold designs, and sets trends. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, one often wonders why we rarely come across fashion that actually works for everyday life. The reason behind this scarcity lies in the industry’s focus on artistic expression and the pursuit of uniqueness, which sometimes takes precedence over practicality. Designers are often driven by the desire to create eye-catching garments that elicit attention and make a statement, leading to a disconnect between runway fashion and the real needs of individuals. Additionally, the fashion industry is heavily influenced by the seasonal cycle, with trends changing rapidly to stimulate consumer demand and drive sales. As a result, designers prioritize novelty and novelty often comes at the expense of functionality. It’s not that functional fashion doesn’t exist; it’s just that it often takes a backseat to the more extravagant and impractical designs that dominate the industry. Nonetheless, there is an increasing demand for clothing that combines style with practicality, and as this demand grows, we can hope to see a shift towards fashion that truly works for everyday life.

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